Adoption Process

Fill Out An Application

Interested in one of our adoptable pets? Below you will find an online adoption application. Please allow 72 hours for application processing and make sure to check your email!

Please note that filling out the application does not guarantee you will adopt that pet. The most important thing is making sure it is a good match for everyone!

Have any questions? Contact us at

Schedule a Home Visit

Once we receive an adoption application, we'll contact you to set up a home visit. This will allow you to see your potential new pet in your home environment to make sure it will be a good fit. This is also a good time for existing pets and kids to meet the "new guy".

Process the Adoption

Once the home visit is complete, you will have 24 hours to decide whether you'd like to officially adopt. As long as the rescue agrees it is a good fit for that particular pet, the adoption will be processed. 


Adoption Application

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If you are finished filling out the application, please press send and monitor your email. We will send you a message within 3 days of receiving your application. If you do not hear from us, please email us at to check on the status of your application.