Current Foster Dogs


Meet Maddie!

When Maddie first arrived at the shelter she was literally skin and bones and too weak to move. Of course they stepped up and gave her the best care possible (including spoon feeding her and giving her water through a syringe) to nurse her back to health. With everything she’s been through, Maddie is incredibly shy with new people. We’ll be taking things very slow and working on socializing and building some confidence once available for adoption her profile will show below.


Aye Aye, Captain!

Captain is the new kid on the block! He is young and loves to have fun. He’ll be undergoing some vetting but will be available shortly!


Say hello to Daisy!

Daisy recently joined us! She’s 8 months old and 40lbs. She does well with cats, dogs and people. After routine vetting she’ll be ready for adoption!


It’s Winx!

Winx is around 10 years old and 40lbs. She still has a lot of spunk left and loves to play with her toys. She’s happy to cuddle up and relax as well! After vetting she will be ready for adoption.

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