Featured Dogs for adoption


It’s me, Sylvester!

Sylvester joined the rescue in mid-September! He has a fun, playful personality and is very sweet! He will be available after vetting is complete. Keep an eye out for his profile, which will be listed below once he is available for adoption!


Hello Bessie! (Pending)

Bessie was recently pulled from the shelter! Shelter life was quite scary for her, but she is starting to settle in at her foster home. Bessie will go through all the necessary vetting and will then be available for adoption! Once available, her PetFinder profile will be listed below.


The Real Slim Shady!

Slim Shady was pulled from the shelter in September in hopes of finding his perfect forever family! Slim will need to undergo some vetting before being available for adoption. Once available his profile will show below.


They call me Remi!

Remi was found abandoned in a backyard after her owners moved. Luckily she was found and transported to the shelter. We were able to pull her into the rescue in mid-September. She will be undergoing necessary vetting before being available for adoption. Once ready, her profile will show below.

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